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While every brand has a story, not every story has advocates. Redlbl creates content that people talk about and stories that people share. Our new identity helps brands picture the purpose and meaning of making those connections.




How does a brand grow its digital footprint? While there are many theories, the gap continues to widen between the delivery of content (spam, bots, spyware) and the quality of the message. We launched redlbl with a series of idea cards that explained the impact of advocacy. Fearlessly.


The simplest way to show the artful side of digital marketing is through portraiture. At Redlbl we take pictures on location and in studio to capture the power and personality of your advocates.

Any clown can dress up in a suit and promote 700% returns on Facebook, but creating quality content requires a more thoughtful approach to brand advocacy.

Cell phones can capture artful pictures, but sometimes only professional photography and videography will do. Redlbl offers in-house production and post to put advocates in a better light.



A leader in the Ghanian Community is pictured on location at the Al Salaam Restaurant on the North Side of Chicago. She spoke on the benefits of using Life Insurance to pay for the care of loved ones back home. Other community leaders were also photographed and interviewed during an evening-long session filled with great food, music and testimonials. Video footage soon.


An accomplished actress in her own right, Kaylee works with her family Insurance Agency in Minnesota while she manages theater productions in her spare time. An attendee of Redlbl’s INGITE sessions on digital marketing, this talented professional has a bright future in a media-driven Medicare market. Video interview to be posted soon.


Interviews with these advocates are posted on the blog section of LeClair’s new website to build engagement and session time for the brand. We then “scatter post” the short segments across the web to extend LeClair’s digital footprint and brand reach.


Not all brand advocates wear business suits or spend their time in boardrooms. Redlbl travels extensively to capture the color and energy of the local communities that insurance agents serve. Here are some younger advocates enjoying an event sponsored by a local agency. This kind of “content” simply crushes the standard Canva photo or canned post that too many businesses feel compelled to use. No longer.