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Cultural Group Benefits

They say it a "takes a village" to make ends meet in Ghana. CGB has a better solution. One policy at a time.

Cultural Group Benefits was founded in 2000 to support cultural associations and their members. Cultural Group Benefits provides education and financial security to cultural communities through life insurance and other programs designed specifically to assist people who are a part of an international family and live a multi-cultural experience.

In September of 2022, Redlbl traveled with Cultural Group Benefits  down to Chicago to build relationships with Agents and discuss the importance of Life Insurance.


A presentation about their FamProvider Life Insurance plan was given and live-streamed to a broader audience than those who were attending in person.Purity Kawino, a relationship manager for Cultural Group Benefits, talked about how Redlbl photography and videography helped bring the stories of cultural communities to light. “Chris from Redlbl helped communicate the need for Life Insurance  by supporting local agents.” Purity explained. The video coverage that Redlbl provided gave agents a platform to speak on the idea that Life Insurance is important whether you are young or old.