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Agents Benefit Group leverages the power of numbers to level the "Jungle" for independent insurance agents. A group where loyalty is King.

Gopher State is one of the oldest and most venerable insurance agencies in the Upper Midwest. Redlbl began working with them this Spring on a new initiative designed to help independent agents take advantage of cost-sharing and other strategies that can help them compete more effectively with the big cats. The new brand showcases an elephant to imply loyalty and longevity and will help to anchor a planned omnichannel campaign.


The ABG offering is a true "soup to nuts" package for agents. Redlbl took this idea to heart and created packing materials designed to accompany literature and other elements to drive the point home.

While it is not currently in stock, this wrapping paper depicted below is designed to be produced in numerous colors to accent agent offerings during the Holiday and Open Enrollment season. In a market that is more responsible for landfill junk than many, this kind of marketing material adds a classy touch to convey that an agent cares and values their business relationships.


The big guys spend a fortune filling up content farms for captive agents to use. Initial work has started on the Agent Benefit Portal which will serve as the "hub" for marketing materials, website templates, social media content and other tools to give the independent agent an equal roar in the field.