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A 90 Year Old Start Up

Redlbl redefines an icon in the insurance business right down to the pixel.

Madison Avenue Meets Insurance. 

Redlbl represents the marriage of Madison Avenue, digital marketing and the 90 year acumen of LeClair.  It only fitting that the vertiable brand is a foundational client for the firm. “Richard Lett, Chris LeClair and myself determined early on that LeClair Group would be our flagship client. It feels fantastic to set sail.” said Chris Birt, President and co-founder of the omnichannel marketing resource.

The powerful energy behind the brand is already causing ripples with creative that takes a step into the future of digital marketing. The brand is currently in launch phase wtih a a ground up repositioning and “full-step” interactive materials designed to complement a bold and colorful new brand.

A few screen shots from the new LeClair site and ID package are depcited below: