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Head First

How we concepted, refined and delivered the world's first "health club for the head," without hitting the couch.

Health clubs are for the body, but wellness starts with mind. Till recently, however, there has not been a health club experience that truly works from the neck up, so to speak. Head First Clubs have been designed to deliver whole body–and whole family–wellness.

We launched this campaign, with the backing of The Hemisphere Group, in late 2019. Positioned as a “Health Club for the Head,” Head First Clubs featured the amenities of a high-end club with lite group therapy for families and individuals struggling with the demands of raising kids. It was a first of its kind.

The Concept

Head First Clubs originally targeted Mothers in the 24-48 age bracket who felt unempowered. And underappreciated.

Not all Moms can be Tiger Moms.

Most Mothers, our research showed, have a strong desire to raise happy, health kids. Society, however, puts extreme pressure on Mothers, in particular, to raise geniuses while working full time and still managing a perfect household. They remain the focus of attention, and not in a good way. Our roll-out, therefore included extensive focus on empowering women and Mothers in particular.




The Advocacy

The Head First message was that "good enough" is great when it comes to the modern family.

Our campaign balanced hard data with a helpful, human message. By focusing heavily on adult parents of young to middle school children, we were able to generate exceptional conversations online, in person and across the parenting spectrum. Our blog was anchored by a leading Child Psychologist and Family Therapist who teaches at the Harvard School of Public Health.


The Results

Roll-out response was exceptional. A typical session is depicted below.


Sharing and sustenance goes hand in hand at Head First. The response from roll-out sessions has been exceptional. We have proven that wine-tastings, gourmet dinning and guided conversations about the daily stresses of raising families in a chaotic social climate is good for people. From the head down.