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Kradle MyPet


CBD may be a fad. That is not stopping companies from finding applications for this wonder drug; dog owners in particular. We were recently hired to help Kradle MyPet grab a piece of this multi-billion dollar market with a campaign targeted at "Pet Parents" seeking relief for a family member's anxiety.


Most companies in this market position CBD as a "non-narcotic" remedy. Pet Parents, however, are not seeking out CBD; they just want to rekindle a lost bond. Our campaign focused on restoring peace and calm between pet and parent. The message resonated. Within three months, Kradle had Brand Advocates in Hollywood and one person in particular.



A Spot That Left Us in Circles

We launched a series of 15 second spots focusing on frenetic behaviors calmed by Kradle products. They were instantly popular and heavily shared, supported by an aggressive OTT and spot-cable buy. The interactive, on-premise and display marketing depicted below were equally embraced by frazzled Parents. 


Kradle is living proof that today's marketing is no longer about advertising, it's about advocacy. One well placed advocate can do the work of a multi-million dollar advertising campaign. Shortly after launch, Kradle attracted the attention of Ellen DeGeneres (see below in a product announcement). Soon they had slotted their product into Wal Mart. Peace sells.