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A Bridge to Caring

CaringBridge.org is one of the largest non-profit sites in the world, with over 2.3 billion visits. It remains a special online "bridge" where people can share their love and support for those facing challenging health journeys.


A Different Kind of Facebook.

Not all social media needs to be social. Caringbridge is the social space for communities to share support for people with serious illnesses. It has never been a megaphone, but instead a meeting place, or bridge, for those who care.

Redlbl’s Chris Birt has been proud to work with caringbridge.org over the years. The above site was one of our favorite campaigns for the brand. “The Big Be There” allowed visitors to tweet a commitment to “be there” for a loved one during a difficult health journey. This page captured real-time feeds that were displayed simultaneously on the site. 2.4 million pledges were made after the first week alone. 

If you know someone who is suffering from a terminal illness, challenging health crisis or simply struggling with their health, caringbridge.org is a place to share your support. To create your confidential page and discover a range of tools for caregivers, please click here.