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Brand Buzz

Buzz begins with a story you’ll stand for.

Business has discovered buzz as a strategy. Shoe brands take a knee, razor makers question masculinity and a former President retains relevance with a well-worn hashtag. Each is a poster child for the awareness they have generated without advertising.

Buzz Branding & Awareness

Buzz branding involves getting influential people, pages and organizations to talk about your brand. It also taps marketing automation tools to keep advocates and audiences engaged. Buzz generates awareness without much advertising.

At Redlbl, we do this without placing overproduced ads. Instead we design big brand stories that increase “reach and frequency” across the myriad marketing conversations that matter to your brand. 


Powerful brands have always been built on positive conversations. The new branding is built on the belief that the advertising is the conversation. It must be, or you don’t have a story. By working with Redlbl, our first goal is to help you fit your brand into a conversation that is already being had.

If you stare at the above prism long enough, patterns–or zeitgeists–will emerge. We connect your brand and message to these zeitgeists. 

When you get the connections right, magic happens. It is the zeitgeist that makes a difference between 100,000 followers and a few. Between a policy written and a push off . Connect with us and it can happen for you.



May Your Funnel Overflow

Speaking of conversations, nothing beats a live one with an Redlbl account planner to walk you through all the tools we use to generate awareness. While there are many, everything resolves to a funnel.

The funnel below, unlike the prism above, is linear. It’s a new variation on timeless marketing principles. It leads you out of the prism to, eventually, a transaction by simply executing a call to us today.